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These general descriptions provide background for the BCLA committee structure. All Committee Chairs will ensure that their group complies with the legal and financial responsibilities of a BC Society and a registered charity and with the mission and goals of the BC Lymphedema Association.

Standing Committees


Chair: Christine Chandler.

The Executive Committee is comprised of the Board members that hold current executive positions, including President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  

The Past-President is welcome to attend to Executive Committee matters at their own discretion. This committee determines governance guidelines and protocols, prepares the Annual General Meeting to fulfill requirements of Constitution & Bylaws and ensures that all functions of the association are being carried out. 


Chair: Vacant

Possible Sub-Committees – Grants, Special Campaigns & Events

This committee provides the direction for all revenue-producing aspects of BCLA, which may include membership drives, donation campaigns, special events, and grant writing. They will take the lead and work in tandem with the Marketing & Communications Committee to create materials for launch of special campaigns or events. They work in cooperation with the Finance Committee to determine the budgetary needs of the organization and do what’s necessary to provide the required revenue.



Social Media:  Gail Reichert, Sharla Walkey & Willa Condy Seymour

Newsletter: Christine Chandler, Willa Condy Seymour

Website: Sharon Johnson, Administrator

Directory: Sharon Johnson, Christine Chandler 

The Marketing & Communications Committee assists the organization in the creation of tools, such as newsletters, e-blasts, meeting announcements plus postings on our Facebook Group page. These are intended  to reach out to members and lymphedema stakeholders with a timely and sound message.  Directors and members may submit articles for distribution through these channels. This committee works in conjunction with the Fundraising & Development Committee, providing the promotional materials to assist in revenue-producing effort and launch of special events.


Chair: vacant,

Members:  Janet Sprague: PT,CLT -LANA., Dr Wendie Den Brock Oncologist BC Cancer.,  Koby Blanchfield: RMT, CLT -LANE, Instructor Dr Vodder School. 

Our Healthcare Advisory Committee is a group of individuals who have offered their expertise in their particular field of knowledge to help BCLA.  They are welcome to join board conference calls or special events, but are not expected to, nor do they have any governing responsibilities/liability or voting privileges other than membership in the organization.        

They review current practices and advice regarding new approaches to the care and management of lymphedematous disorders, acting as a resource for medically related questions received through the information line or through e-mails to BCLA.

They may also provide, referrals, resources, and current health   information by sourcing out evidence-based health information for the management of lymphatic  disorders. 

Several Professional members of BCLA who have  Advanced training are also engaged in educating, health care professionals and the medical community in the management of lymphatic  disorders.  

Temporary Committees


These are special committees formed for a specific task or objective, and then dissolved after the completion the task or achievement of the objective. 


Chair: Lila Reynolds

Committee members: Sonja Redden and volunteers working on preparations for the Prince George Health Care Professionals Education event

Administration: Sharon Johnson 

This committee will be concerned with matters of education and advocacy. Engaged in the work of planning Education days in the year and location decided by the Board. They will liaise with the Marketing & Communications Committee to assist with providing promotional materials about specific events as required.Each event will be responsible for funding initiatives to support the event. 

These are special committees formed for a specific task or objective, and then dissolved after the completion the task or achievement of the objective. 


Advocacy Committee: Formed to gather data and prepare materials in readiness for  approaching  the Ministry of Health for funding for Lymphedema patients. Christine Chandler, Rachel Lumsden, Willa Condy Seymour, Kathleen McCuaig, Carol Armstrong. Julie Atkinson.
Terms of Reference Document - Advocacy Committee

Former Committees
2019 -2020 Committees

May to November 2020 Membership Drive Committee: Lila Reynolds, Sandi McConnach, Kathlene McCuaig

March Lymphedema Awareness Walk Planning Committee: Tara Hashemi, Amy Bachman, the Tri- Cities support group, Janine Leitch, Christine Chandler.

Website Re-design Committee: Sharla Walkey, Sharon Johnson, Christine Chandler. Starting in the fall of 2019 through February 2020  the team worked on researching, viewing webinars, page trials followed by mapping out a new lay-out for the BCLA website. The transition to a new look was made Feb 2nd 2020. We hope you like it. 

Member Survey Committee: 2019  Lila Reynolds, Amber Pitman, Willa Condy-Seymour. The past Ad Hoc Committee (2019) worked  on the development of a medical survey distributed across the province to all persons living with Lymphedema. Data has now been collated to be used in Advocacy campaigns.  

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