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Did you know that there are an estimated one million Canadians living with Chronic Edema or Lymphedema ? BC currently has no medical coverage for the management of this condition and up to this time the province had no  treatment facility. However in November 2019 BCLA has initiated a fundraising drive through the VGH/UBC Foundation, The funds raised will be used to provide diagnostic & microsurgery equipment for the first BC dedicated Lymphedema clinic & surgery which will open in  the VGH Diamond center in 2020.       


Currently the only treatment is through  private therapists trained in manual lymph drainage (MLD) or complete decongestive therapy( CDT) but these are only available for a fee for service. Many people with Lymphedema and chronic edema are unable to work at their original capacity due to the debilitating nature of the chronic disease. With limited income and no extended medical benefits, these people often cannot afford private treatment or compression garments.

BCLA Has Two Significant Goals:

1.  To provide education workshops  to teach  people "Risk Reduction " strategies to alleviate their condition. BCLA has organized education & awareness days in Vancouver every alternate year since 2010

Now we want to take information to those with chronic edema, for whom mobility is restricted and who cannot travel to conferences in Vancouver. Our goal now is to  offer smaller education workshops across the province.  The first will be held in Prince George on Nov 30th 2019, followed by Victoria & Kelowna in 2020.

Donations are  essential to support the costs of providing  education days to help Lymphedema patients learn how to manage their condition.

2. To raise sufficient funds to provide diagnostic equipment to open the dedicated Lymphedema clinic. If you know anyone who has Chronic Edema or Lymphedema, we hope that you will consider making a donation either to  the BC Lymphedema Association (BCLA) to enable us to meet our goals.

Donations can be made either to BCLA  or to the VGH Foundation Lymphedema Facility fund

through the following channels:

  • E-transfer to info@bclymph.org
  • Mail a cheque to: PO Box 34527 Pemberton Plaza,  PO North Vancouver,  BC V7P 1T0
  • Donate  on-line through Canada Helps.org
  • Or Donate to the VGH clinic by pasting this link in your web browser vghfoundation.ca/give/lymphedema

Thank you!

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