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    Lymphedema (LE) is a chronic disease that affects millions, yet it remains under-recognized and often misdiagnosed. Early identification and intervention can improve lymphatic function, slow, reverse or halt the progression of lymphedema and reduce its physical, mental and economic burdens to both individuals and society. 

    • BC Lymphedema Association - primary focus is information for patients.


      An online introductory micro course for Health Professionals is available from the University of Alberta. This course is an introduction for any generalist healthcare clinicians who may see individuals experiencing lymphedema or chronic edema. 

      In depth training  is offered by the following schools and meet the educational requirements of Lymphology Association of North America (LANA) for therapists to be listed as certified lymphedema therapists.

        Tel: 1-800-522-9862 | The Dr. Vodder School International offers full Lymphedema training to health care professionals in CDT/MLD. Training is offered in many locations worldwide with the head office in Vancouver, BC. For those living with Lymphedema, go to our website and click on FIND A THERAPIST to find a Vodder-trained therapist in your home area.

      • Foeldi College 
        Teaching institute for manual lymph drainage and complete physical therapy

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