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A) Journal Articles

1 - Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, Volume 120, Number 3,
Pages 649-654, Clinical Trial, "Effect of air travel on lymphedema risk in women with history of breast cancer," Sharon L. Kilbreath, Leigh C. Ward, Kirstin Lane, Margaret McNeely, Elizabeth S. Dylke, Katheryn M. Refshauge, Don McKenzie, Mi-Joung Lee, Carolyn Peddle, Kattie J. Battersby; Publishers: Springer Netherlands, Accepted: 6 February 2010,
Published Online: 24 February, 2010


BCLA Opinion - from our Health Care Advisory Committee: This study shows that more research is warranted regarding this and is definitely not conclusive. The population studied are dragon boaters who are active, healthy individuals. More research would be needed using the general population.

We would still encourage those at risk for lymphedema to wear compression of some description when flying, as it has been a 'triggering event' for some patients. We would rather have our members err on the side of caution at this time.

B) Newspaper Articles

1 - Dr. Anna Towers, Beth Atkinson and Robert Harris were interviewed for an article that is in the June 10, 2010 edition of the Times Colonist, a newspaper in Victoria, BC:


(Correction to article: 'the Medical Services Plan pays for $23 of the treatment costs' for people on premium assistance and only for up to 10 visits).


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